Chris Winnegar has been and remains one of the foremost and respected ornamental stone voices in the world. 

Born in Queens, New York, Chris developed his life-long love and passion making geology relevant in our modern society. 

Having become infatuated by the world of natural stone at a very young age, Chris truly believed a market could exist for high-end stone creations with which affluent customers could adorn their homes and projects. In this vision 20 years ago, he partnered with the Cavallaci family of Marble Modes to market and grow the New York ornamental stone industry representing quarrys around the world and supplying Historic Landmarks like The Basilica of Saint Patrick's Old Cathedral and The Basilica of Regina Pacis in New York City.

From this experience and exposer to rare and uncommon stones, he set out on a lifetime’s worth of research and practices to distinguish between the different marble sources throughout the Mediterranean and Northern Africa that were used in the times of antiquity.